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Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill Sounds Box download free

Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill Sounds Box

Singer: Akira Yamaoka
Album's name: Silent Hill Sounds Box
Label: Konami ‎– GFCA243–251, Konami ‎– LC1941–48, Konami ‎– KD362
Type: 8 x CD, Album DVD, DVD-Video, NTSC Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: Japan
Date of released: 16 Mar 2011
Category: Electronic, Rock
Style: Alternative Rock, Industrial, Trip Hop, Goth Rock, Abstract, Dark Ambient, Downtempo, Experimental

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Silent Hill
CD1-1 Silent Hill 2:51
CD1-2 All 2:08
CD1-3 The Wait 0:09
CD1-4 Until Death 0:52
CD1-5 Over 2:04
CD1-6 Devil's Lyric 1:27
CD1-7 Rising Sun 0:57
CD1-8 For All 2:40
CD1-9 Follow The Leader 0:53
CD1-10 Claw Finger 1:33
CD1-11 Hear Nothing 1:33
CD1-12 Children Kill 0:19
CD1-13 Killed By Death 1:25
CD1-14 Don't Cry 1:29
CD1-15 The Bitter Season 1:26
CD1-16 Moonchild 2:49
CD1-17 Never Again 0:45
CD1-18 Fear Of The Dark 1:14
CD1-19 Half Day 0:39
CD1-20 Heaven Give Me Say 1:48
CD1-21 Far 1:15
CD1-22 I'll Kill You 2:53
CD1-23 My Justice For You 1:21
CD1-24 Devil's Lyric 2 0:25
CD1-25 Dead End 0:18
CD1-26 Ain't Gonna Rain 1:12
CD1-27 Nothing Else 0:51
CD1-28 Alive 0:33
CD1-29 Never Again 1:02
CD1-30 Die 0:56
CD1-31 Never End, Never End, Never End 0:47
CD1-32 Down Time 1:38
CD1-33 Kill Angels 1:17
CD1-34 Only You 1:17
CD1-35 Not Tomorrow 1 0:48
CD1-36 Not Tomorrow 2 1:39
CD1-37 My Heaven 3:18
CD1-38 Tears Of... 3:16
CD1-39 Killing Time 2:54
CD1-40 She 2:35
CD1-41 Silent Hill (Otherside) 6:23
Silent Hill 2
CD2-1 Theme Of Laura 3:24
CD2-2 White Noiz 1:24
CD2-3 Forest 1:44
CD2-4 A World Of Madness 1:47
CD2-5 Ordinary Vanity 1:40
CD2-6 Promise (Reprise) 1:45
CD2-7 Ashes And Ghost 3:08
CD2-8 Null Moon 2:50
CD2-9 Heaven's Night 2:05
CD2-10 Alone In The Town 2:20
CD2-11 The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind 1:16
CD2-12 Angel's Thanatos 3:18
CD2-13 The Day Of Night 1:37
CD2-14 Block Mind 1:12
CD2-15 Magdalene 1:53
CD2-16 Fermata In Mistic Air 2:17
CD2-17 Prisonic Fairytale 1:55
CD2-18 Love Psalm 4:27
CD2-19 Silent Heaven 2:14
CD2-20 Noone Love You 1:32
CD2-21 The Reverse Will 3:34
CD2-22 Laura Plays The Piano 1:55
CD2-23 Terror In The Depths Of The Fog 4:32
CD2-24 True 3:07
CD2-25 Betrayal 2:30
CD2-26 Black Fairy 1:12
CD2-27 Theme Of Laura (Reprise) 1:52
CD2-28 Overdose Delusion 4:32
CD2-29 Pianissimo Epilogue 1:37
CD2-30 Promise 4:40
Silent Hill 3
CD3-1 Lost Carol
Lyrics By [Original Japanese] – Hiroyuki OwakuLyrics By [Translated] – Nora Stevens HeathVocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-2 You're Not Here 3:46
CD3-3 Float Up From Dream
Words By [Spoken] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-4 End Of Small Sanctuary 1:43
CD3-5 Breeze - In Monochrome Night
Words By [Spoken] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-6 Sickness Unto Foolish Death 3:06
CD3-7 Clockwork Little Happiness
Words By [Spoken] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-8 Please Love Me... Once More 1:54
CD3-9 A Stray Child 5:29
CD3-10 Innocent Moon 1:38
CD3-11 Maternal Heart 3:02
CD3-12 Letter - From The Lost Days
Lyrics By [Original Japanese] – Hiroyuki OwakuLyrics By [Translated] – Nora Stevens HeathVocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-13 Dance With Night Wind
Words By [Spoken] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-14 Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me 2:19
CD3-15 Prayer 1:41
CD3-16 Walk On Vanity Ruins
Words By [Spoken] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-17 I Want Love
Lyrics By [Original Japanese] – Hiroyuki OwakuLyrics By [Translated] – Nora Stevens HeathVocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-18 Heads No.2 1:13
CD3-19 Memory Of The Waters 1:47
CD3-20 Rain Of Brass Petals 3:39
CD3-21 Flower Crown Of Poppy 2:14
CD3-22 Sun
Words By [Spoken] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-23 Uneternal Sleep 1:01
CD3-24 Hometown
Lyrics By [Original Japanese] – Hiroyuki OwakuLyrics By [Translated] – Nora Stevens HeathVocals – Joe Romersa
CD3-25 I Want Love (Studio Mix)
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD3-26 Rain Of Brass Petals - Three Voices Edit
Remix, Lyrics By, Vocals – Interlace
Silent Hill 4: The Room
CD4-1 Tender Sugar
Lyrics By [Original Japanese] – Hiroyuki OwakuLyrics By [Translated] – Joe RomersaVocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD4-2 Waverer 2:54
CD4-3 Fortunate Sleep - Noone Disturb Her Dead - 2:07
CD4-4 Melancholy Requiem 3:53
CD4-5 Confinement 2:27
CD4-6 Drops Of Shame 2:49
CD4-7 The Suicidal Clock Chime 1:11
CD4-8 Silent Circus 2:56
CD4-9 Traversing The Portals Of Reality 2:04
CD4-10 Into The Depths Of Self Discovery 2:55
CD4-11 Cradel Of Forest
Lyrics By [Original Japanese] – Hiroyuki OwakuLyrics By [Translated] – Joe RomersaVocals – Joe Romersa
CD4-12 Resting Comfortably 0:51
CD4-13 Nightmarish Waltz 3:10
CD4-14 Pulsating Ambience 3:05
CD4-15 Your Rain
Lyrics By [Original Japanese] – Hiroyuki OwakuLyrics By [Translated] – Joe RomersaVocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD4-16 The Last Mariachi 1:37
CD4-17 Wounded Warsong 3:12
CD4-18 Underground Dawn - Never Come - 2:13
CD4-19 Fever Chill 2:29
CD4-20 Remodeling 2:55
CD4-21 Room Of Angel
Lyrics By [Original Japanese] – Hiroyuki OwakuLyrics By [Translated] – Joe RomersaVocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD4-22 Waiting For You ~ Live At "Heaven's Night" ~
Lyrics By [Original Japanese] – Hiroyuki OwakuLyrics By [Translated] – Joe RomersaVocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Silent Hill Zero (Origins)
CD5-1 Shot Down In Flames
Lyrics By – Joe RomersaVocals [Feat.] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD5-2 Meltdown 3:14
CD5-3 Evil Appetite 2:05
CD5-4 Wrong Is Right 2:26
CD5-5 Not Tomorrow 3 1:43
CD5-6 Monster Daddy 2:27
CD5-7 King Of Adiemus 2:29
CD5-8 Don't Abuse Me 1:39
CD5-9 Underworld 4 3:07
CD5-10 Acid Horse 2:11
CD5-11 O.R.T.
Lyrics By – Joe RomersaVocals [Feat.] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD5-12 Insecticide 2:12
CD5-13 Raw Power 1:17
CD5-14 A Million Miles 1:32
CD5-15 Battle Drums 2:18
CD5-16 The Wicked End 2:18
CD5-17 Blow Back
Lyrics By – Joe RomersaVocals [Feat.] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD5-18 Real Solution 2:56
CD5-19 The Healer 2:53
CD5-20 Snowblind 2:01
CD5-21 Behind The Wall Of Sleep 2:20
CD5-22 Drowning 2:26
CD5-23 Murder Song "S" 3:05
CD5-24 Not Tomorrow 4 2:15
CD5-25 Theme Of Sabre Dance 1:34
CD5-26 Hole In The Sky
Lyrics By – Joe RomersaVocals [Feat.] – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Silent Hill: Homecoming
CD6-1 One More Soul To The Call
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD6-2 Witchcraft 3:54
CD6-3 Total Invasion 2:16
CD6-4 Living In Fear 2:33
CD6-5 Cold Blood 3:05
CD6-6 The Terminal Show 2:55
CD6-7 Attitude #70 2:16
CD6-8 4 Pattern 3:37
CD6-9 Voodoo Girl 2:11
CD6-10 Elle Theme
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD6-11 Snow Flower 2:46
CD6-12 Who Knows 2:26
CD6-13 Mr.Joy 2:33
CD6-14 Dreams Of Leaving 3:54
CD6-15 The Real Love 3:08
CD6-16 The Thing 3:32
CD6-17 Slave 2 Death 2:26
CD6-18 Regards 2:10
CD6-19 Dead Monks 2:24
CD6-20 This Sacred Line
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD6-21 Alex Theme (Machine Head Mix)
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Silent Hill -Shattered Memories-
CD7-1 Always On My Mind
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynnWritten-By – Johnny Christopher, Mark James , Wayne Carson Thompson
CD7-2 When You're Gone
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD7-3 Searching The Past 2:29
CD7-4 Childish Thoughts 1:31
CD7-5 Creeping Distress 2:13
CD7-6 Hostility 1:49
CD7-7 Snow Driven 2:29
CD7-8 Hibernation 2:17
CD7-9 Devil's Laughter 1:51
CD7-10 Lost Truth 2:47
CD7-11 Angel's Scream 2:38
CD7-12 Another Warm Body 1:50
CD7-13 Forsaken Lullaby 1:49
CD7-14 Raw Shock 1:41
CD7-15 Lives Wasted Away 2:02
CD7-16 Blackest Friday 1:44
CD7-17 Endless Depths 1:28
CD7-18 Different Persons 2:28
CD7-19 Ice 2:57
CD7-20 Acceptance
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD7-21 Hell Frozen Rain
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Silent Hill Extra Music
CD8-1 Azusa 1Go 2:39
CD8-2 Silent Hill (Estudio) 3:07
CD8-3 Anaconda 0:57
CD8-4 Tussock 0:45
CD8-5 Lost Carol (Long Version)
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD8-6 Rain Of Brass Petals (Other Take) 2:04
CD8-7 Joe Sweet Dreams
Vocals – Joe Romersa
CD8-8 Last Boss Remix 2:26
CD8-9 Dance Girl Dance 3:20
CD8-10 Queen Of The Rodeo 4:53
CD8-11 All Screwed Up 5:10
CD8-12 Innocent Moon (Other Take)
Vocals, Words By [Spoken] – Akira Yamaoka
CD8-13 I've Been Losing You 3:57
CD8-14 No Excuses 1:24
CD8-15 Your Rain (Reprise)
Vocals – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
CD8-16 Result 0:49
CD8-17 Last Walk 1:50
CD8-18 Until The Stars Go Out 2:01
CD8-19 Kaminaga 0:29
CD8-20 Hanyo 0:33
CD8-21 A Monster In Her Eyes 1:28
CD8-22 Clown Parade 1:29
CD8-23 Serious 1:52
CD8-24 Moments In Bed 1:37
CD8-25 Ki-No-Ko 4:40
CD8-26 Ko 4:03
Silent Hill: The Arcade
CD8-27 Theme Of Hanna 3:06
CD8-28 You Are Tired 1:12
CD8-29 Recorder 2007 3:25
Bonus Material
DVD-1 Silent Hill Zero E3 Trailer 1:33
DVD-2 Silent Hill Zero TGS Trailer 4:02
DVD-3 Silent Hill: Homecoming E3 Trailer 1:24
DVD-4 Silent Hill: Homecoming TGS Trailer 1:43
DVD-5 Silent Hill -Shattered Memories- E3 Trailer 2:52
DVD-6 Silent Hill -Shattered Memories- TGS Trailer 2:53

Companies, etc.

  • Phonographic Copyright (p) – Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Copyright (c) – Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Published By – Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc.


  • Art Direction [Coordination] – Hiroshi Banno, Yukie Yamazaki
  • Art Direction, Design – Ryosuke Tanimizu
  • Bass [Electric Bass] – Aquila Jama 'Oca* (tracks: 2-1 to 2-30)
  • Composed By [All Music], Arranged By, Performer, Engineer, Producer – Akira Yamaoka
  • Electric Guitar [7 Strings], Synthesizer, Programmed By, Conductor [Chemistry By] – Akira Yamaoka (tracks: 2-1 to 2-30)
  • Executive-producer – Fumiaki Tanaka
  • Keyboards [Vintage Keyboards] – No-Man (tracks: 2-1 to 2-30)
  • Management [Label Assistant] – Tomomi Iitaka
  • Management [Label Producer] – Tetsuya Osono
  • Management [Supervisor] – Atsushi Fujio, Kengo Nakamura, Toshikatsu Kikuchi
  • Other [Director] – Emi Okada
  • Other [Promotion] – Shunsaku Shimizu
  • Other [Sales Promotion] – Daitetsu Kuroki, Kazuki Shimizu, Koji Matsuo
  • Performer [Dj By] – DJ Sandman (tracks: 2-1 to 2-30)
  • Producer – Saori Amano


Box set repackaging previously released soundtracks, though some previously unavailable in Japan (Homecoming, Shattered Memories), only available as preorder bonuses in the United States. Also includes a bonus disc of previously unreleased material from the first four games and Silent Hill: The Arcade, as well as a DVD featuring trailers for Silent Hill Zero (Origins), Homecoming, and Shattered Memories.

Despite some reports, the music is not remastered, although there has been speculation that the US promotional soundtrack release for Homecoming was taken from a lossy source. The Homecoming CD included here is different, with a different track order, slightly different mixes, better sound quality (likely sourced from original masters), and a Machine Head remix of the song "Alex Theme" replacing the original. (Machine Head is a moniker Akira Yamaoka adopted for his contributions to the No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle soundtrack and is not to be confused with the heavy metal band of the same name.)

Exclusive tracks from CDs Silent Hill 3 Special Mini Sound Track, Silent Hill 4: The Room Limited Edition Soundtrack (US preorder bonus), Silent Hill 4: The Room Sound Narrative: "Inescapable Rainy Yoshiwara" (second disc of Silent Hill 4: The Room Original Soundtracks), and Silent Hill 4: The Room Robbie Tracks not present on this set.

Artwork Direction & Design: Ryosuke Tanimizu (grapache)

3-26 is a bonus track.
7-4 is an unused bonus track.
4-22, 8-3, 8-4, 8-7 and 8-26 are previously unreleased.
8-1 to 8-4 are from Silent Hill.
8-5 to 8-14 are from Silent Hill 3.
8-15 to 8-24 are from Silent Hill 4: The Room.
8-25 is from the movie Silent Hill Lost Memories.
8-26 is from Silent Hill 2.

The following tracks which were mistitled as such:

2-1. Theme of Loura
2-26. Blank Fairy
2-27. Theme of Loura (Reprise)

The track "Esperándote" from the Silent Hill I soundtrack is not included on this release.

DVD approx running time is 17:00, MPEG-2, 16:9, Zone 2

Individual Category as follow:
CD1 - Silent Hill: GFCA243, LC1941
CD2 - Silent Hill 2: GFCA244, LC1942
CD3 - Silent Hill 3: GFCA245, LC1943
CD4 - Silent Hill 4: The Room: GFCA246, LC1944
CD5 - Silent Hill Zero (Origins): GFCA247, LC1945
CD6 - Silent Hill Homecoming: GFCA248, LC1946
CD7 - Silent Hill Shattered Memories GFCA249, LC1947
CD8 - Silent Hill Extra Music & Silent Hill: The Arcade GFCA250, LC1948
DVD - Bonus Material (Trailers) GFCA251, KD362

Original price as printed on box set: ¥14,700.

℗ 2011 Konami Digital Entertainment
© 2011 Konami Digital Entertainment
"Always on My Mind" (track 7-1) published by Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.
Made in Japan

Special Thanks: Akira Yamaoka, Takashi Hamano, Hiroyuki Ashida, Masahiro Ikariko, Yoichiro Tomita, Sana.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 4 988602 154238
  • Barcode (String): 4988602154238
  • Rights Society: JASRAC


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