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Nobuo Uematsu Tsuyoshi Sekito - Final Fantasy I II: Original Soundtrack download free

Nobuo Uematsu  Tsuyoshi Sekito - Final Fantasy I  II: Original Soundtrack

Singer: Nobuo Uematsu
Album's name: Final Fantasy I & II: Original Soundtrack
Label: DigiCube ‎– SSCX-10071-2
Type: 2 x CD
Country: Japan
Date of released: 23 Oct 2002
Category: Electronic, Stage & Screen
Style: Soundtrack, Modern Classical, Score


CD1-01 Nobuo Uematsu Opening Movie 2:01
CD1-02 Nobuo Uematsu Opening Movie + SE 2:02
CD1-03 Nobuo Uematsu Opening Demo 1:57
CD1-04 Nobuo Uematsu The Prelude 1:46
CD1-05 Nobuo Uematsu Opening Theme 1:52
CD1-06 Nobuo Uematsu Cornelia Castle 2:15
CD1-07 Nobuo Uematsu Main Theme 2:38
CD1-08 Nobuo Uematsu Chaos' Temple 1:45
CD1-09 Nobuo Uematsu Matoya's Cave 2:28
CD1-10 Nobuo Uematsu Town 1:54
CD1-11 Nobuo Uematsu Shop 1:21
CD1-12 Nobuo Uematsu Ship 1:38
CD1-13 Nobuo Uematsu Underwater Temple 1:41
CD1-14 Nobuo Uematsu Dungeon 1:30
CD1-15 Nobuo Uematsu Menu Screen 0:58
CD1-16 Nobuo Uematsu Airship 1:30
CD1-17 Nobuo Uematsu Gurgu Volcano 2:35
CD1-18 Nobuo Uematsu Floating Castle 2:28
CD1-19 Nobuo Uematsu Battle Scene 1:39
CD1-20 Nobuo Uematsu Victory 0:50
CD1-21 Nobuo Uematsu Dead Music 0:56
CD1-22 Nobuo Uematsu Save Music 0:12
CD1-23 Nobuo Uematsu Church 1:57
CD1-24 Nobuo Uematsu Ruined Castle 2:12
CD1-25 Nobuo Uematsu Lute 0:35
CD1-26 Nobuo Uematsu Bridge Building 0:42
CD1-27 Nobuo Uematsu Deep Place 0:17
CD1-28 Nobuo Uematsu Fanfare 0:08
CD1-29 Nobuo Uematsu Crystal Revival 0:16
CD1-30 Nobuo Uematsu Getting An Important Item 0:10
CD1-31 Nobuo Uematsu Inn 1:21
CD1-32 Nobuo Uematsu Inside A Boss Battle 1:34
CD1-33 Nobuo Uematsu Boss Battle A 2:10
CD1-34 Nobuo Uematsu Boss Battle B 2:14
CD1-35 Nobuo Uematsu Last Battle 1:51
CD1-36 Nobuo Uematsu Ending Theme 2:06
CD2-01 Tsuyoshi Sekito Opening Movie 2:36
CD2-02 Tsuyoshi Sekito Opening Movie + SE 2:39
CD2-03 Tsuyoshi Sekito Opening Theme 1:29
CD2-04 Tsuyoshi Sekito The Prelude 1:33
CD2-05 Tsuyoshi Sekito Battle Scene 1 1:38
CD2-06 Tsuyoshi Sekito Revivification 1:25
CD2-07 Tsuyoshi Sekito Reunion 0:12
CD2-08 Tsuyoshi Sekito Rebel Army Theme 2:27
CD2-09 Tsuyoshi Sekito Town 1:56
CD2-10 Tsuyoshi Sekito Main Theme 2:50
CD2-11 Tsuyoshi Sekito Castle Pandemonium 1:18
CD2-12 Tsuyoshi Sekito Imperial Army Theme 2:55
CD2-13 Tsuyoshi Sekito Chocobo Theme 0:31
CD2-14 Tsuyoshi Sekito Magician's Tower 1:34
CD2-15 Tsuyoshi Sekito Run! 1:14
CD2-16 Tsuyoshi Sekito Ancient Castle 2:44
CD2-17 Tsuyoshi Sekito Dungeon 1:55
CD2-18 Tsuyoshi Sekito The Revived Emperor 0:49
CD2-19 Tsuyoshi Sekito Victory 0:46
CD2-20 Tsuyoshi Sekito Waltz 0:50
CD2-21 Tsuyoshi Sekito Temptation Of The Princess 1:47
CD2-22 Tsuyoshi Sekito Dead Music 0:56
CD2-23 Tsuyoshi Sekito Fanfare 0:08
CD2-24 Tsuyoshi Sekito Added Companion 0:08
CD2-25 Tsuyoshi Sekito Inn 0:09
CD2-26 Tsuyoshi Sekito Battle Scene A 2:24
CD2-27 Tsuyoshi Sekito Battle Scene B 2:04
CD2-28 Tsuyoshi Sekito Battle Scene 2 2:19
CD2-29 Tsuyoshi Sekito Finale 4:10


Soundtrack to the 2002 remake of the first two Final Fantasy games.

CD1 - Nobuo Uematsu
CD2 - Tsuyoshi Sekito

Track 21 on CD2 is Tsuyoshi Sekito's remake of Tchaïkovski's "Swan Lake".

Other versions

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SQEX-10032~3 Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy & Final Fantasy II Original Soundtrack ‎(2xCD) Square Enix SQEX-10032~3 Japan 2004
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